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JeongJu Kang_ A New and Powerful Designer who appeared like a comet. Who is she?

She became a new and powerful men’s accessories designer who receives the attention in New York in only four years.

An interesting happening has been taking place in the Garment District, which is the center of the New York Manhattan fashion and which is busy every hour, just like the gourmets who tried tasting the best food personally go to the chefs and greet them, all the core buyers in New York- including Macy’s, Barneys New York, Lord & Taylor, Walmart, etc.- convey the word that they were impressed by the collection by the new and powerful designer regarding the sensible design changes of the men’s accessories by one company.  Everybody knows that, to the New York fashion buyers, who are rumored to be fastidious and, especially, to the men’s wear buyers who are closed to conservatism, this is not a scene that can be found easily.  Among the male designers of the companies in Manhattan, which is the mecca of the fashion of the entire world, in New York, the protagonist who successfully decorated the first page alone as a female, Korean men’s accessories designer was Mrs. Jeong Ju Kang who became 25 years old and who succeeded with the employment right after graduating with a major in accessories design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  From the shining eyes of her baby face like the other peers of Mrs. Kang, I was surely able to sufficiently judge how professional she is compared to the people of about the same age.

Although it had been only eight months since joining the company, she had been continuing with the strong walk during the time which had not been so long.  Her works, which are the belts for the males that she made within only one month after joining the company, have already been exhibited everywhere, including the department stores, the online malls, etc., in the United States with the renewals of the amounts of the sales at present.  Furthermore, it has been definitely decided that her first collection will enter Canada in the latter half of 2017.  The thing that she had been concentrating on after taking the first step in the world of design had been the training that harmoniously develops one’s own design style in the framework that has been maintained whatever the brand might be.  This aspect, which became a strong point of hers, became the reason why she is definitely needed, without fail, at the company to the extent that the present company, which had clinged to the industrial designers, selected the accessories designer Mrs. Kang for the very first time.  Because of this, difference from the peer designers who recently graduated and who concentrate only on assistance, her duty had been leading the details that are Mrs. Jeong Ju Kang’s only from the designs desired by the buyers by understanding the images of each brand, which are the important points like the role of implanting the roots of the company.  Mrs. Kang says, “Regarding the reason why my first concept of ‘Solid color with point collection’, which has the males interested in fashion as the targets, while pursuing my practicality regarding a lot of the buyers only after a short time since joining the company, the point that I accumulated the actual work experience qualifications with regard to the diverse brands without any rest in the past four years after deciding my goal to be becoming a designer who can cherish the diversity of the customers and not a designer who is only good with the designs and, furthermore, the point that I personally engaged in the sales because I wanted to learn about the designs desired by the customers proved to be helpful.”

The reason why she emphasizes the thorough time planning and the actual work experiences with the diverse brands is because of her impressive career record of having launched the sneakers which have been sold until the present, too, in the Korean market through the collaboration with a large Korean fashion corporation when she was a student thanks to her thorough time planning and the actual work experiences with the diverse brands.  “Although, when they become interns, most of the interns want to play the low-ranking role, I would like to create the happenings that realistically prove to be helpful to my career in the future during my short vacation time.  As a result of making a design result and even a main customer bracket table with a project mood board as a base point by getting the inspiration from the Oreo Cookies and by pulling all-nighters after going home from office and showing the sneakers line that had not been attempted in relation to the brand to the Director, luckily, I got around to becoming the Director of the specialties in the collaborated sneakers category.  The sales of the sneakers began to be increased nationwide by being exhibited on the first day of the opening ceremony of the Hyundai Department Store in Pangyo, which was constructed to be of the largest size in the capital city region.  It seems that this aspect also created the specialties of my resume and cover letter.”  Following this bullishness, she targeted the gap time during her walk right after her graduation.  At a graduation exhibition warm-up match, because of the proposal by a Professor who looked at her work carefully, she became in charge of an accessory part in a fashion textbook which will be used as a textbook at her school and will be published in January 2018.  To the extent that this text will be launched in the form of an online E-book together with the world-wide launch and not simply in New York, her unique talents got around to pulling the trigger towards the her world with her being a designer.

Her new and strong plan for the future is to create an even better environment for the design students so that there are no design students who give up their brilliant dreams because of the difficult environment.  After hearing her plan, I have no doubt that her mind, also, had struggled in the past few years to the extent that she had grown as a fast, firm, and strong designer at the age of 25, which is not little nor proficient when seen by the others.  It is forecast that her walks, which made her proficient as a designer in the first four years of studying abroad, will be unfolded in the future for the youths who dream together with The New York Ilbo.  Which diverse tenacity and experiences became the starting point of the New York designer spotlight on Mrs. Jeong Ju Kang at present?  And I spare no expectations that a lot of design student will be able to have the courage thanks to the structure of her planning, which must be unfolded with composure while being dynamic, yet.

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